Grandstream UCM6300 Series

On-Premises PBX UCM Series IP PBXs

These award-winning IP PBXs offer an advanced set of features with no licensing fees, upgrade fees or costs per features. Enjoy smooth and easy network integration with the UCM series of IP PBXs. Support from 500 users, all the way up to 2000 users on our UCM6510 series, these IP PBXs provide the anchor to any communications network solution.

UCM6200 Series Product Datasheet

UCM6300 Series Product Datasheet

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Product Description
Key Features

UCM6300 series of IP PBXs allows businesses of all sizes to build powerful and scalable unified communication solutions in an easy-to-manage fashion with no licensing fees. This enterprise-grade IP PBX supports up to 5000 users and allows businesses to unify all of their communication technologies on to one centralized network, including voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, data tools, analytics, mobility options, facility access, intercom and more. The UCM6300 series can be integrated with third party applications and platforms, including customer relationship management (CRM) and property management systems (PMS), and offers an API for additional custom integrations. For cloud-based setup, management and monitoring, the UCM6300 series is compatible with the Grandstream Device Management System (GDMS). This unified communications manager also offers a built-in video conferencing platform with support for desktop users through the Grandstream Wave desktop app. By offering thousands of secure and reliable features at an all-inclusive price point without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees, the UCM6300 series allows enterprises, offices, hotels, retail chains, call centers and more to create a seamless unified communication solution.

UCM6200 series IP PBX Appliance is designed to provide a centralized solution for the effective business communication. It combines enterprise-grade voice, video, data, and mobility features. Plus, it is an easy-to-manage solution, too. Granstream IP PBX series let businesses to unify multiple communication technologies, such as voice, video calling, video conferencing, video surveillance, data tools, mobility options and facility access management onto one common network. So that, you can easily manage it or access it remotely. The best part is that apart from being more secure and reliable, UCM6200 series has all that enterprise-grade features and that too without any licensing fees, costs-per-feature, or recurring fees.
UCM6100 series is recognized as industry leading platform as Granstream adds regularly more and more features and functionalities on monthly basis. Have a redesigned Grandstream 8 FXO port model of UCM6208 that has a capability to support more users and more concurrent calls (around 800 users and up to 100 concurrent calls).

UCM6300 series UCM6200 series
  • Supports from 100 to 6000 users
  • Supports from 25 to 500 concurrent calls
  • Zero configuration provisioning of Grandstream SIP endpoints
  • Security protection using SRTP, TLS and HTTPS encryption technology to protect calls and accounts
  • Three Gigabit auto-sensing RJ45 network ports with integrated PoE+ and support NAT router
  • API available for third-party integrations, including CRM and PMS platforms
  • Built-in video conferencing platform with support for Grandstream Wave desktop app
  • Support for wideband HD codecs OPUS & G.722; jitter resilience up to 50% audio packet loss
  • Built-in call center suite and call queue for efficient call volume management
  • Integrated Call Detail Records and call recording server
  • 5-level IVR and multi-language auto-attendant to efficiently handle incoming calls
  • Compatible with GDMS for cloud setup, management and monitoring
  • Supports any SIP video endpoint that using the H.264, H.263 and H.263+ and VP8 codecs
  • UCM6202 and UCM6204 support up to 500 users and 50/75 concurrent calls,
  • UCM6208 supports up to 800 users and 100 concurrent calls
  • Auto Discovery and Zero Configuration of Grandstream SIP endpoints
  • Integrated 2/4/8 PSTN trunk FXO ports, 2 analog telephone FXS ports with
  • lifeline capability and up to 50 SIP trunk accounts
  • Gigabit network ports with Integrates PoE, USB, SD card
  • Supports up to a 5-level IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • Built-in call recordings server; recordings accessible via web user interface
  • Built-in Call Detail Records (CDR) for tracking phone usage by line, date, etc.
  • Supports multi-language auto-attendant and call queue to efficiently handle incoming calls
  • Strongest possible security protection using SRTP, TLS and HTTPS encryption
  • Supports any SIP video endpoint that uses the H.264, H.263 or H.263+ codecs